Health and Beauty Service

w88loto Fitness & Aerobic

Our facilities are fully-equipped with the equipment that is designed specifically for women. On hand are professional trainers to provide advice for your exercising regimen. Also available is the option for One-on-One training by highly-experienced personal trainers to design training programs to meet members’ fit and firm needs and to have strong muscles in a limited time. There are over 400 challenging classes every month, ranging from 5 different types of Yoga, Free Dance, Zumba, Salsa and many more.


The best Pilates in town offers undivided attention with One-on-One training by certified trainers who design tailor-made programs to meet different requirements, be it recovering from surgery or injury, correcting posture, or enhancing muscular strength and flexibility. The studio is fully equipped with imported equipment from the United States of America and complies with the highest safety standards. We invite you to experience the ultimate art of Pilates at Phillip Wain.


Phillip Wain provides body shape treatment and slimming programs by curating the most innovative and premium products from around the world, including USA, Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany. Designed to maintain our members’ slim figure with good health and wellbeing. With over 40 programs to choose from, there is something for every type of female body concerns.


The facial treatment programs are offered with the safest innovations and skincare products from leading foreign brands including Suisse Programme from Switzerland, Anne Semonin from France, Pevonia from U.S.A., and Phytomer from France and many more. There are over 35 programs for different facial skin conditions to ensure that your facial skin get the best nutrients.

Massage & Spa

There are over 10 body scrub programs using products filled with the luxury of nature’s miracles. Other massage programs, designed to indulge you with a truly relaxing experience, are provided by professional staffs with over 10 years of experience.

Beauty Product

The product contains natural nutrients such as Wild Yam, Evening Primrose Oil and plant tissues. These nutrients will directly penetrate skin cells to nourish organs and improve age-related body structural damages such as metabolism, loose skin, and lower moisture levels due to decreased hormone levels. ??????????????????? ???? Wild Yam, Evening Primrose Oil ????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? ?????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? ?????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


The product is filled with Fullerene C 60, the ultimate source of antioxidants. This supplement is 172 times more powerful than vitamin C. It also contains soy protein which helps repair damaged skin and increase collagen. ???????????????????? Fullerene C 60 ????????????????????????????? (Antioxidant) ???????????????????????????????????????????????? 172 ???? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


The 100% cotton facial mask sheet contains an essential amino acid and licorice root. The mask serum will help repair damaged skin and moisturize skin cells. The mask sheet is specially designed to cover all of the upper part of your face, neck and jaw. ?????????????????????????????? 100% ????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ?????????????????????


This essence contains 100% pure collagen from rosehip oil to help revive dead cells and produce collagen for strong and flexible skin. ???????????????????????????????????? 100% ????????? Rose Hip ?????????????????????? ?????????????????? ????????????????????????

w88loto Detail

The eye serum helps tighten skin around the eyes, increase collagen and nourish the skin with essential nutrients. ????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

w88loto Detail

The product aims to help balance hormones, especially progesterone, with Q10, Ubiquinone and Squalene to enhance youthful skin and fertility. ????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????? Q10 ?????????? ??????????


This product is rich with enzymes from papaya and over 200 minerals that help with skin regeneration and removal of heavy metal toxins accumulated from makeup around eyes and mouth. ???????????????????? ???????????????? ?????????????? 200 ???? ????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????


Free from oil and alcohol, this lotion can perfectly balance and moisturize skin. ? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

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